The Repair Program


Work the REPAIR Program! It will change your life!

R.E.P.A.I.R. is an acronym that stands for the stages of the program…

Recognition – Recognizing and accepting that your adult problems stem from childhood sexual abuse.

Entry – Entering a program of commitment to change your life for the better.

Process – Learning tools and techniques that will enable you to become healthy.

Awareness – The coming together of reality as you gather the pieces of the broken puzzle your life became, and begin assembling them to see the complete picture.

Insight – Seeing the complete picture and beginning to return to that which you were prior to being sexually violated.

Rhythm – Developing the natural rhythm you had before the abuse happened, the blueprint that is the essence of your true nature, becoming who you really are.

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  1. I just have one question: How do you return to who you were before the violations if there is no before time???

    • Marjorie McKinnon

      That is a great question and one I’m not sure I’ve ever been asked. We all have a time when we began life. If you believe that life begins at conception then your beginning time is then. Anything that happens after that whether in the womb (and I’ve known people who were abused while in the womb) or out is the after time. No one can be abused before their life began. That means, worse case scenario that if someone was abused after 2 months in the womb (mother tried to abort and it failed but still left a scar on the fetus) they still had a time before. When they were conceived that meeting of the egg and the sperm was pure and whole. That child-to-be had DNA already imbedded in their being. They still had the promise of joy, the hope of a life well lived. If they were abused while in the womb or in the early weeks of life outside the womb they still had a before time. That before time was who they were meant to be. Completing REPAIR takes you back to who you were meant to be. There is always a before time. Did I answer your question? If not, please let me know. Margie

  2. We have been trying to recover for 3 years. The wound just keeps getting bigger. How do I as a mother (the only person) trying to help my daughter recover (who is now in the hospital a 4th time for suicide attempt). We have been denied justice. Denied protection, denied even having victim rights because the responding investigator has made a personal bias that the abuse wasn’t true. She is 11 years old she shouldn’t be sitting in a hospital getting new medications, she should be able to celebrate life because the State of NM protected her like the said they would. My ex-husband is on parole, I have reported this to everyone. Even the AG and we only get silence. I have been trying to figure out the Non-Profit aspect, and establish a foundation to embrace this tragedy with resilience. I just am having a hard time understanding the WAY of doing it. Any light would be greatly appreciated.

    • Marjorie McKinnon

      I am so sorry for the abuse your daughter suffered. It is appalling that so many people do not believe the victim. An investigator should be trained to see the signs and obviously an 11 year old who has attempted suicide four times is screaming the truth. If you could get your daughter to begin working the REPAIR program (we have REPAIR for Kids and REPAIR for Teens) that would go a long way to getting her on the right path. Look at our website at at the REPAIR pages on both the book and the program for more information. Your daughter needs to tell her story. Does she remember the abuse? I can mail you a free copy of both books if you will email me your address to Remind me who you are so I can connect these comments with your email. Margie

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