A Child’s Bill of Rights


  • A child has the right to decide who can and cannot touch any part of their body.
  • A child has the right, in fact the duty, to report to a safe person any time someone attempts to touch their body inappropriately.
  • A child has the right to set boundaries regarding any part of their own body.
  • A child has the right to dial 911 on the phone if they think they are in any danger from someone wanting to touch their body inappropriately and ask for help NOW.
  • A child has the right to be believed if they are honestly reporting any danger from someone touching or attempting to touch their body inappropriately.
  • child has the right to run away or scream for help if someone approaches them in a manner that seems scary or “yucky”.

Please read these RIGHTS to your child frequently. They belong to them. Help them to understand what each one means.

Tell your child frequently:

Your body belongs to you; you can decide who touches it.”

Copyright (c) 2011 by Marjorie McKinnon. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Jeannette A. Rogers

    May I copy and paste these page in order to share it or can you please add a share buttons please?

    • Marjorie McKinnon

      Hi Jeannette,

      Please feel free to copy and paste it. I would appreciate it if you would include the copyright with my name. I never heard of a share button before but will definitely ask my webmaster about it. Margie

  2. What do you do if your grandchild with parents divorced, comes home from his dads and tells random things like his dad uses a vibrator pen on him, and he draws pictures constantly of body parts both girls and boys, tells things his other grandmother does that are completely inappropriate of a 4 1/2 old child….we called cps, cac, told the attorneys, and investigator of sheriffs department, and even took the child to a phycologist, and no one is doing anything about it… How do you get someone to listen? The child is showing signs of some kind of abuse or exploitation….Doing sexual acts and with his stuffed animals. How do we get help.

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