Mystical Experiences: Tales of the Inner Light


myst1Mystical Experiences: Tales of the Inner Light is a collection of twenty-three first person “twilight zone” accounts. Metaphysics, what the author calls, the philosophy of being, has enriched her life and brought wisdom and serenity into her days. It has presented her with a deeper understanding of what happens when we drop our bodies.

Mystical experiences have woven their way into her life throughout the last few decades. She has experienced mental telepathy, visits from her spirit guide, as well as others who have dropped their bodies, an encounter with two guardian angels, a meeting with God, flashbacks to past lives and a myriad of other Inner Light blessings. She says blessings because each experience has not only enriched her soul but also added to her understanding of why we are here and what lies on the other side of death.

While some of her stories contain traumas, not only of her own experiences, but some of those she loves, ultimately they have shown that life, no matter how many wondrous things it contains, also has a dark side. Understanding that dark side and moving through it is one of the many things she has learned through visits from the Inner Light. They have contributed immeasurably to that part of her that aspires to learn all the more noble facets of man and a rich understanding of how the Universe works. Many of the stories have brought her joy, a quality that is not always that easy to attain.

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