My Poetry Corner….

Do you like getting out of bed on the wrong side every morning?

Or would you rather be happy and stable and enjoying life?

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This is one of my recovery poems which are now compiled in a book called
Odyssey, A Spiritual Journey, soon to be published. If you are a victim of child sexual abuse, you may find yourself in it.


Loving Way Too Much

My scarred and bleeding heart is painful to the touch,

The price I have to pay, for loving way too much.

Fearful I’ve become at all surrounding me

I dare not even look to see who I might be.

I thought I was so brave and filled with self esteem,

But I stumble in the darkness and on everybody lean.

The errors I have made, dormant in my heart

Now return to haunt me and tear my soul apart.

Do I need to live this way? Is it of my own choice?

Do I heed the words of others or hear just my own voice?

The answers spoken freely have been worded much before.

I always knew my strength lay hidden at my core.

So now I’ll seek my base like the roots inside a tree

And my loving way too much will always start with me.


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